Moving With Kids? Tips That Will Make Moving Easier

Moving days can be stressful, but the stress is increased even more when you have children.  You need to pack up and have everything ready to go, but also have to make sure that your kid are keeping busy and staying out of trouble.  Here are some tips that will make your moving day easier with kids.

Hire Movers

If there is one piece of advice that you follow through with, it should be to hire movers.  If you've never used movers before, you'd be surprised at how much easier it makes your moving day.  You don't have to do any heavy lifting, an all you really need to do is oversee the move to make sure that everything is being loaded onto the moving truck.  This will make the move less stressful since you can make sure that your kids are keeping busy and not getting in the way of the movers.

Let Kids Color The Boxes

One fun activity that can keep your kids busy is to let them color the boxes. Let them go crazy with markers to decorate the boxes that are in their room. It will make them feel more involved with the move since you are giving them an important task to do, which is make their boxes look unique so that they can easily find them at your new home.  You'd be surprised at how long this can keep them busy while you do the serious packing.

Hire Childcare

One option to consider is to hire someone to watch your kids during your moving day.  You can have someone come to your home to keep them busy with activities, or even drop your kids off at a friend's house for a few hours so that they can have fun while the movers are doing their job. Just having them away from the home while you focus on the move can be enough to make the whole experience less stressful for you.

Pack Child Essentials Separately

Don't make the mistake of packing up all your kids' belongings prior to the big move.  You need to have some essentials ready in case you need them, so have them all packed separately in their own essential items box. This should include an extra set of clothes, toys, and a first aid kit.  Having these items in a place that is easy to find will help prevent the stress of having to find them in a pinch during your long distance moving endeavor.