Need To Move Items Into Storage? 3 Ways Your Storage Company Can Help You Out

Turn to your storage company when you need help moving your items into their facilities. The company you are renting storage space from may be able to provide you with various services that will make moving your belongings a little smoother of a process.

#1 Free Moving Truck

Many storage units will actually provide you with a free moving truck to help you get your belongings to your storage unit. There are often restrictions on the free moving truck, such as the number of miles you are allowed to drive or how long you are able to have it. However, access to a free moving truck can really make your move a much smoother experience.

If you need more time and your storage facility offers a free moving truck for a certain period of time, they probably also have an agreement in place if you need to rent a truck for a little more time at a discounted rate. Talk to your storage company and see if you can rent a moving truck for a set period of time.

#2 Moving Assistance

Many storage units don't just offer moving trucks; they can help you with moving and labor assistance. They can provide assistance with loading up and getting your items to the storage unit and then unloading everything at the storage unit. If you don't feel comfortable driving a storage truck, they can even provide a driver. Some of these services may be offered and fulfilled through in-house staff, or they may have a partnership with a local moving company to offer these services at a discount to individuals who rent through them.

#3 Packing & Organizing Supplies

In order to pack up your supplies, you can also head on down to your storage unit. Most storage facilities sell boxes, high-quality tape, Bubble Wrap, and packaging paper, all to keep your items safely stored within their facility.

Some facilities even offer organizational supplies as well. You can rent or purchase shelving to use in your storage unit, saving you from having to go out and purchase a new wire shelf for all your boxes.

As you get ready to move some belongings into a storage unit, be sure to turn to your storage unit provider for help with the move. Your storage facility may be able to assist you with a free or discounted moving truck, access to affordable moving help, and access to the packing and organizing supplies you will need.

Reach out to self-storage companies near you to see what services and benefits they may offer.