Vital Supplies Moving Companies Can Utilize To Make Your Move Less Stressful

If a move is upcoming, your stress may be at an all time high. You're essentially changing your entire environment and getting ready to tackle so many activities. Moving companies such as Helping Hands Moving Inc can fortunately take some of this pressure off your shoulders by incorporating the following supplies into your move. 

Heavy-Duty Totes 

Although it's quite common to place your belongings in traditional cardboard boxes, you can run into a lot of problems doing so. For example, the bottoms could break through and leave behind a complete mess.

Moving companies can save you these troubles by storing your possessions in heavy-duty totes. They have a durable design and can support a lot of weight at one time. You'll thus have added protection for your belongings. A lot of these totes also have a clear design, which will come in handy when figuring out where particular items are when unpacking.

Forearm Lifting Straps 

If you tried moving heavy possessions yourself, such as furniture, you risk injuring your neck and back. A better tactic to implement is to work with moving companies that have forearm lifting straps. They vastly reduce the lifting effort for the moving crew, preventing serious injuries from occurring.

What the moving crew will do is place one end of the strap underneath the item being transported. They'll then secure the other end around their forearms. The crew can then gently lift up and have a much easier time transporting larger items. You thus won't have to worry as much about big items being dropped and damaged. 

Moving Blankets 

When you place items on top of each other, it's quite common from them to scratch. This is particularly true for items made out of wood and glass. To give these items full protection, moving companies can bring out moving blankets.

They essentially create a protective shield around your possessions until they're transported to the appropriate area in your new place. The reason these blankets are so great at shielding your items from damage is because of their thick consistency and cross-stitches. You even have the option to buy these blankets from the moving company directly, in case you plan on putting them around items that are going into storage. 

Moving comes with its fair share of challenges, even if you've done it a couple of times in the past. The trick to getting through this life event is working with moving companies that have access to the right moving supplies.