Moving Cross Country Before The Movers Arrive And Worried About Cleaning? Hire Moving Cleaners Today

Moving can be stressful enough, but if you are leaving before the moving company is done packing your stuff, you want to call a professional cleaning company to wrap up your apartment. Not just a regular maid service, but a team that specializes in this type of cleaning.

They aren't just going to wipe the countertops off and then tidy up, they are going to deep clean to make the apartment look new. Here are some of the services you want to make sure are covered in this type of cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning services are a must when you are moving out of a living space. The carpeting will have marks from daily traffic, light stains, matted carpeting from furniture, and other flaws from use.

The carpet cleaning won't just help to restore the look of the carpeting, but also improve the texture and remove odors. Bacteria-causing odors that have been living in the carpeting for months could be causing bad odors, so leaving with freshly cleaned carpet will improve the smell of your apartment.

Top-to-Bottom Dust Removal

Dust needs to be removed from all the hard-to-reach and difficult to bend down for places. A professional cleaning team will get the fan blades, baseboards, closet interiors, and more. Windowsills, blinds, and all ledges will be cleaned properly for dust.

Appliance Cleaning

The appliances will need a final cleaning after you move. The oven grime that built up over time, refrigerator odors, and microwave splatters. You can also ask that the washing machine and dishwasher have a cleaning rinse cycled through. When the apartment manager comes through you want the appliances to look brand new.

Bathroom Sterilization

The bathrooms should be cleaned and sanitized. You want all of the hardware to shine, the cabinets wiped out, and the toilet and shower or tub should be sterilized so there are no lingering bacteria, odors, or grime. The bathrooms will be one of the most important areas that need to be cleaned.

Emphasize to the cleaning company that the first look when the apartment manager walks into the space should be flawless. This means windows are streak free and clear, there are no handprints on the walls, and the handles on the doors aren't sticky. Make sure to hire these professionals in advance so the unit is cleaned right after the movers leave and you don't have to worry about it. 

For more information, contact a local moving cleaning company.