Are You Moving Far Away?

Are you moving from Los Angeles, California to Manhattan, New York? Maybe you're moving from a little town in Mississippi to a big city in New Jersey. Or, perhaps you are moving from a city in Texas. If so, simply crossing that huge state will more than likely be considered a long distance move, right? No matter where you are headed, the fact that you are moving far away from your present home might be causing you to stay awake during the nights before your actual move. After all, while you'll be seeing new places and meeting new people, you'll also be leaving people and places that you have grown to love. From arranging for long distance moving services to keeping old friendships alive, here are some ideas that might help you as you plan to move.

Arranging For The Actual Move

When you talk to the representative of the moving company, consider putting everything in writing. For example, write down the exact date that you will need to have packers at your house. Write down the actual date for your arrival, too. For example, because you are moving far away, you might have decided to make your move a family vacation, getting to see sights you have never seen before as you travel to your new city. If that's the case, find out ahead of time what the procedure is for holding your household belongings until you arrive at your new home. Let the representative know of other special considerations. For example, if you own priceless antiques, say a beveled mirror or a fine painting, the moving company will make sure that those items receive special attention. The packers have more than likely been trained to treat each item carefully, whether it is a valued family heirloom or your baby's high chair.

Keep Old Friendships Alive

Before you move from your present home, consider giving each of your special friends and family members you'll be leaving behind a stamped post card with your name and your new address on it. Ask each person to please drop you a line soon, as you might be feeling a bit lonely for those you love. Bring addresses with you, and find out the birthdays of each of the people with whom you want to maintain contact. By doing so, you can make it a point to send birthday greetings and Christmas greetings with the knowledge that you will, in turn, receive greetings from those you are leaving behind.