Why Moving With A Rental Truck May Be Inefficient

If you want to relocate, you may be tempted to forgo the services of a professional residential moving company, rent a truck, and handle the rest of the things on your own. That approach might work, but it is also fraught with potential complications such as the following.

Risk of Injury and Damage

Moving may not seem like such a dangerous project, but it does have its risks. You might drop things on your toes, strain your back while lifting heavy items, or cut yourself while packing sharp or pointed tools and cutlery. There is also the risk of breaking fragile items, such as your television sets or damaging fragile items such as your artwork. Professional movers are unlikely to experience similar injuries and damages.

Unexpected Problems and Delays

If you rent a truck, unexpected problems may arise on your moving day and delay the project. For example, the truck's tire may burst, the truck may develop a mechanical problem, the weather might take a turn for the worst, or you may cause an accident with the truck. Moving companies have handled similar problems in the past and are more capable of handling them than you. If you are on your own, you may experience significant delays and even postpone the move.

Inadequate Equipment

An efficient and successful move requires much more than a truck. You need other provisions such as loading equipment, dollies for moving heavy objects, protective materials for protecting the floor from damage, and tools for disconnecting and disassembling appliances or furniture. A typical household doesn't have all these pieces of equipment, but professional movers have them.

Cost Inflation

One of the draws of renting a moving truck is that you get to move at a relatively low cost. However, your low-cost of moving might end up a mirage if you are not careful. The more complications you experience, the more likely that your moving cost may balloon. For example, if you get injured, damage your items, rent equipment, and experience delays, the overall additional costs may exceed the cost of hiring professional movers.

As you can see, DIY moving is not such a good move if you consider all the potential complications. If the cost of professional movers is your main worry, try other tips for reducing the cost without resorting to a rental truck. For example, you can handle some of the services, such as packing and unpacking, on your own but leave the core tasks to the movers.